Marine Nationale Camo Pack

World of Warships

Marine Nationale Camo Pack

End date: 29-11-2021

30 points

About this offer

Enjoy the French Navy ships in World of Warships as they were meant to be — with a pack of 20 unique 'Revolutionary' camouflages and some special 'Vive la France' containers!

Bonus code includes:

  • 20 'Revolutionary' camouflages
  • 5 days of Warships Premium Account
  • 5 'Vive la France' containers

Terms of use

The codes are valid till 30.11.2021

How to activate the code:

  • Go to Activation page.
  • Input the code and press REDEEM (Allow ~24h delivery processing time).
  • Only 1 code per account If any issues will occur, please contact our Customer Support.