What's new at Just Eat

Why has the Just Eat site changed?

We aligned our brand across all markets with the new identity of our new global entity Just Eat Takeaway.com. This is due to the recent merger between Just Eat and Takeaway.com earlier this year.

Thanks to a new design and important investments in our brand visibility, Just Eat will be even more identifiable in our cities and France, generating more orders for our 155,000 restaurant partners globally. This will make us stand out even more amongst our competitors.

How can I find the Just Eat website and app?

Our existing and future customers can find us on www.just-eat.fr or download our app in the Apple Store (for IOS) or Google Play (for Android).

What are the benefits for me as a Just Eat customer ?

Customers will now have access to more restaurants than before, which they can view in the form of an interactive map.
The display of restaurants is further optimized to offer the best choice closest to customer. The position the restaurant appears in on the platform is subject to a wider variety of factors (such as distance, quality, popularity, new restaurants, sponsored results and temporary factors such as weather or crowds).

New filters are available: including minimum order amount, delivery costs, reviews or current offers. There also new sorting options: reviews, distance, popularity, delivery fees, delivery time, price or minimum order.

Customers will also be able to add restaurants to a list of favourites, allowing them to find them more quickly.

Payment methods have been expanded to include Apple Pay, Google Pay (via our Just Eat app) and Bitcoin, in addition to other payment methods offered by the restaurants (credit card, PayPal, cash, checks or restaurant vouchers).

Customers will also benefit from the new StampCard programme, allowing them to enjoy discounts in participating restaurants.

How many restaurants are on the Just Eat platform?

Consumers can order from more than 15,000 restaurants on Just Eat.

Why does Just Eat have a new visual identity?

As Just Eat France is now part of the global group Just Eat Takeaway.com, it was important to us to align our colours, our identity and our logo so that the brand can be easily identified by all our customers and partners around the world.
This is in addition to new features that offer the best customer experience on our website and app.

Why is Takeaway.com mentioned on the Just Eat site and apps?

Just Eat France is now part of the Just Eat Takeaway.com Group, which is why it's being mentioned. However, in France, we will continue under the name Just Eat. So if you're looking for food delivery, you know who to go to: Just Eat.

What are the features that come with this new design?

We wanted to give ourselves an attractive new look and feel with these new colours and design. Also, we've optimized navigation, making your experience on the Just Eat app and website even more convenient. It's easier for you to find the restaurant you want and reorder your favourite dish. From now on, it's also possible to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or even Bitcoin via our Just Eat app.

How can I log in to my Just Eat accounts?

Your account information remains unchanged. You can continue to order from your favourite restaurants with your current login details.

Will the ordering process change?

No, the ordering process remains the same whether you place an order via our site or our app.
Simply enter your delivery address and choose from a wide variety of restaurants to order your favourite dishes.
Then select your preferred method of payment and confirm your order.

Will all the elements of my account still be registered? (order history, addresses, credit card)

When we combined the Just Eat and Takeaway.com systems, unfortunately we couldn't transfer your order history.

Your saved addresses could also not be transferred.

Your saved credit/debit cards are still saved and available in your account. But your PayPal data has not been transferred.

Are Just Eat customers still able to use Click & Collect?

Yes, Click & Collect is still available. You can select the "pick up" option as a filter or on the restaurant menu page.

How can I search for restaurants?

The way we display restaurants has been modified a bit. From now on, you will find:
* the cuisine types above the list of restaurants. Use the arrow on the right to scroll through the list.
* a search bar by restaurant name below the cuisine types.
* the sorting criteria (relevance, reviews, distance, etc).
* finally, the filters are to the left of the restaurant list (delivery/pick up, minimum order, delivery fees, etc).

Can I save multiple delivery addresses?

Yes, customers can save multiple delivery addresses in their account, both in the app or website.

How will I be updated about my orders?

Customers receive an order confirmation via email.

How can I track my orders?

When you confirm your order, you will receive a confirmation email* with the delivery time. You can also track your order via the app and the website. *Make sure to check your spam folder in case the email doesn't arrive in your inbox.

How do I indicate an allergy or make a special request to the restaurant?

On each restaurant's menu, you will find an "i" icon next to each item. You can click on this icon to access information related to the menu item, including if it contains allergens. If you have doubts, please contact Customer Services here, and they can contact the restaurant on your behalf to check on the ingredients of a certain dish before you place your order. If you are unable to contact Customer Service, or are unable to receive the information you need, we recommend that you do not place an order (or cancel the order if you have already placed it).

Why do I no longer have an order history in my account?

When combining the Takeaway.com and Just Eat systems, we were unable to transfer customers' order histories before the 1st of September.

Are Just Eat customers still able to select contactless delivery?

We set up ""contactless"" delivery for credit card and PayPal payments only.

Here's how it works:

Use the ""Address supplement"" box located on the contact page before confirming your order and indicate where the courier should place the order.
When you receive the order, the delivery person will notify you of his/her arrival and will drop the order at the indicated place. If necessary, he/she will ring the bell or knock on your door to let you know the order is there, and then leave.
You will then be able to retrieve the order.
Contactless delivery is not possible with cash payments or restaurant vouchers.

I'm used to ordering on Just Eat. Why can't I see the various restaurant offers and discounts on the search results page?

You can always access restaurant promotions by selecting the "Discounts" filter in the restaurant list. To see the restaurant offer, go to their menu page, click on the information icon (represented by a "i"), offer tab.

WIll I still be able to use one-click payment methods?

Yes, Just Eat customers can still use one-click payment methods including Google Pay, Apple Pay (via our Just Eat app), and PayPal (which was already available).

What payment options are available when ordering via Just Eat?

When placing an order at Just Eat, you can choose between several payment methods. It is possible to:
* pay in cash, checks or restaurant vouchers that are offered by the restaurant
* or pay online by credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Bitcoin

I'm used to ordering on Just Eat. Why do I have to enter my payment details (such as credit card information) when I place a new order ?

Saved credit/debit card information has been migrated to the new platform. Payments, and full payment card details, will continue to be handled by a third party payment services provider.

How does tipping work?

This is a new feature on Just Eat! You can now tip your courier to thank him/her for their service via the just-eat.fr website or via the Just eat app. You can learn more about this in the Help section.

Can I still use my Just Eat vouchers?

Yes, customers can still use their Just Eat vouchers on the Just Eat app or website. In some cases, customers may be sent a new voucher code via email.

Is the Just Eat loyalty programme still available?

We have decided to stop our current loyalty programme on 01/09/2020. All vouchers received before this date remain valid until their expiration date (as mentioned in the email).

You can now enjoy our new StampCard programme. With the StampCard programme, each time you order at a participating restaurant we'll save up 10% of your order value towards a nice discount. When you've hit your 5th order at this restaurant, we'll release your total saved up discount in the form of a personal voucher.

This voucher can be redeemed at the restaurant where you completed your StampCard.

How do I know that a restaurant offers StampCards?

If a restaurant offers StampCards, this will appear on its menu page (below the name of the restaurant).
You can also find your StampCard overview in your customer account.

How can I contact Just Eat's Customer Services team?

Customers can contact Customer Services via e-mail or via the contact form on our Help page. Our e-mail address is [email protected]

Will the Just Eat social media accounts stay the same?

Yes, all the Just Eat social media accounts will remain the same.

What about the protection of customers' data?

Data protection is an essential and central matter for us, and one which we take very seriously. As an intermediary between consumers and restaurants, your data will be treated in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations and will not be sold to third parties. You can find more information about our privacy policy here.

What are the benefits for me as a Just Eat customer?

From now on, our consumers will have access to a broader variety of restaurants than ever before, which they'll be able to see on an interactive map. The position of a restaurant on the platform has been improved in order to display the best options closest to the customer. Additionally, consumers also benefit from various extras like the StampCard programme, discounts and vouchers. Consumers can choose from various online payment methods: credit card, PostFinance, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay (Apple Pay and Google Pay are only available on our Just Eat app), Bitcoins or pay in cash at the door.

How much does delivery cost on Just Eat?

Before the 1st of September, as a Just Eat customer, you would pay a management fee and depending on the restaurant, a delivery fee.
Now, from the 1st of September, 2020, Just Eat has abolished the management fee. In addition, a good majority of Just Eat's partner restaurants do not charge delivery fees.
So, ordering with Just Eat is now both less expensive and simpler.