Payment methods

At Just Eat you can pay in different ways (not every method will be available for all restaurants):

  1. Cash on delivery (exact amount or more)
    When finalising your order, select 'Cash' and pay the courier at the time of delivery.

  2. Restaurant Vouchers
    When finalising your order, select 'Titres restaurant' and give the vouchers to the courier at the time of delivery. Please take into account that some restaurants do not give change when dealing with vouchers.

  3. Online Credit Card (American Express/Mastercard/Visa
    When finalising your order, select one of the credit cards offered ('American Express, Mastercard,Visa'.) Then, if all your details are entered correctly, click on 'order' and you will be redirected to the secure (SSL) pages of Just Eat. Once you have confirmed the payment, your order will arrive in our management system and will be transmitted as soon as possible to the restaurant.

  4. PayPal
    When finalising your order, select the 'PayPal' option. Then click on 'Order'. Follow the instructions on the secure PayPal form. When the payment is confirmed, your order arrives directly in our system and is automatically transmitted to the chosen restaurant.
    Just Eat only accepts payments from verified PayPal users. You can check your PayPal account by logging in to the PayPal site.

  5. PayPal Reference Payment
    From now on, if you are connected to your Just Eat customer account, you can link your PayPal account to your Just Eat customer account. This option is offered to you on the final page.
    After your payment has been successfully completed, and as long as you are connected to your Just Eat account, you won't have to enter your
    PayPal data anymore. You could directly, without additional authentication, pay with your PayPal account.
    Cancelling the connection of your Paypal account is also possible on the final page. When you are in your Just Eat customer account, simply select the PayPal payment method.

  6. Bitcoin
    Choose the 'Bitcoin' option when you finalise your order. Then simply click on 'Order'. You will be redirected to Bitpay, our Bitcoin payment provider. Your Bitcoin wallet will be opened and a payment request will be made. Then the payment is processed. For the current exchange rate of Bitcoin, see Bitpay. When the payment is successfully completed, you will be redirected to our site. The order will arrive in our system and will be sent directly to the restaurant. We do not charge any fees for Bitcoin payments. To make a Bitcoin payment, you need to create a digital wallet by downloading special software or an app.

  7. With a Just Eat voucher
    If you have a Just Eat voucher, you receive a free order amount or a discount on your order in the amount of the voucher. reduction in the value of the voucher. In step 4, the finalisation of your order, click on 'Add Voucher' and simply enter the voucher code in the 'Voucher Code' field. If the code is correct after verification, the discount will be applied to your shopping cart. If you still have to pay part of the amount, this can only be done online by Credit Card, Bancontact/Mister Cash, PayPal or Bitcoin. If you still have credit left on your voucher, you can use it on your next order as long as you use the voucher before it expires. .
    A voucher can only be used at a restaurant that accepts vouchers as a payment method. This will be indicated when you move your mouse over the logo of a restaurant.
    You can only use one voucher per order.

Do I have to pay a transaction fee?

At Just Eat, you don't pay any transaction fees.

My online payment failed.

If you think that your online payment has failed, please check if you have received the confirmation email. This email allows you to know if your order has been transmitted and if the order has been paid online.

The confirmation email is sent directly after the online payment has been processed. This may take some time if the payment is not directly processed by the bank, credit card company or other payment processor. The waiting time will be a maximum of 15 minutes.

If after 15 minutes you have not received a confirmation email and you do not know if the payment has been processed, please contact our Customer Service.

Are online payments secure?

When processing online payments at Just Eat, we use SSL-secured pages. This means that your personal and payment data are protected. We therefore assure you that the information can only be viewed by you and Just Eat in order to process the order.

How do I use my voucher?

You can use your Just Eat voucher in step 4: "finalise order". By clicking on "add voucher" a pop-up window will open offering you the possibility to add your code. The value of your Just Eat voucher will be directly deducted from the total amount of your order.

Just Eat vouchers can only be used in combination with online payments. The amounts offered in Just Eat vouchers exchanged for cash.

What happens to my online payment if my order is cancelled?

If you cancel your order in time (i.e. before the restaurant has started preparing it), or, if your order placed via
Just Eat is cancelled by the chosen restaurant, then the amount paid will be refunded. Depending on the chosen payment method, the refund can take up to 5 working days. The refund of a credit card payment or a PayPal payment is done in a few minutes.

If you think you are entitled to a refund of your online payment, please contact our Customer Service department promptly.

If you cancel your order too late, i.e. when the restaurant is already busy preparing and/or delivering it, we will unfortunately not be able to refund the amount paid online.

At what rate will my Bitcoin payment be calculated?

The Bitcoin payment will be calculated based on the current rate charged by our Bitpay provider.

If I cancel, how will the refund of my Bitcoin payment be calculated?

If your cancelled order was paid with Bitcoin, you will be refunded in euros. At the time of your initial payment, the Bitcoin is already converted into euros. The rate applicable at the time of your payment will therefore be the rate applied for the refund. This amount will be transferred to a regular bank account. In case of cancellation, our Customer Service will ask you to communicate your IBAN-bank account number and the name of the account holder. The name must match the name of the person who placed the order.