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Your benefits


  • Find the contract type that fits your lifestyle.
  • And work the shifts that suit you best.


  • You're paid per hour, so you'll earn money even while waiting for an order.
  • With us, you are on a standard CDI contract with all the insurance and benefits included.

The good life

  • The more orders you deliver, the bigger your bonus!
  • You’ll receive your tips as part of your payslip.

How it works

It’s nice and simple. You get a notification in our driver app, telling you which restaurant to collect the order from, and where to deliver to. Once you've delivered your order you can confirm this in our app and wait for the next one to be assigned to you.

We make sure everything runs smoothly for you. Our driver app will guide you through the day, and you’ll also have a contact person in case you have a problem or any questions.

Depending on which city you apply in, we offer different vehicle types: one of our e-bikes, your own bike or a split-billing bike. If you use your own bike, you’ll receive extra compensation from us.

Depending on the city you choose, the start and end of your day will look slightly different. We have listed the different options for you below.

Hub start: You head to your city’s hub, get your gear and start working. When your shift ends, you return that gear to the hub and head home.

Zone start: You have your gear at home, set off from there and go to the defined starting zone in the city. You will start your shift from there and leave to pick-up your first order of the day. After the your shift ends and you delivered your last order, you bring your gear back home and you're done for the day!

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Just Eat
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The recruitment process

If you match our requirements, you’ll be asked to watch a short video and take our quiz.
One of our recruiters will contact you
Everything in order? Now it’s time to sign your contract
Get a taste of life on the road with a trial day
Congratulations! It’s your first day!


It's the first job I really enjoy. I feel free when I work outside.


I love the flexibility that this job offers and enjoy being in the fresh air.


I like the fact that I can plan my own time, and being on the road offers a lot of experience that you can't get otherwise.


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